Body-friendly dosage forms are smart solutions for people who dislike or simply cannot swallow tablets.

Pureca Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. has brought revolution in manufacturing a complete and quality range of Dosage for their customers. The tablets and capsules have long been the standard method for patients to take medication. But many people find it difficult to swallow because of the dosage size, shape and surface texture. We are instrumental in formulating user-friendly dosage forms that are orally administered. The offered array of dosage is easy to swallow, convenient to take, easy to integrate into daily routines, and is specially formulated to enhance the taste.


The company is engaged in formulating the pharmaceutical dosages in Capsule dosage form. Pureca Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is fully committed to upgrading its facilities on a continuous basis to meet the requirements of the National and International Standards


Manufacturing a quality assortment of drops be it for eyes, face, or even mineral drops, is our forte. We have been in this production business for more than decades and know exactly what suits our patients the best.

Dry Syrup

The Dry Syrup is a medicine which is in powder form and is administered by dissolving it in water. Our offered range of Dry Syrup is best for everybody especially for small children who find tablets, capsules, and other liquid syrups difficult to swallow.

Face Wash

Besides the oral medicines and antibiotics, we are involved in manufacturing a complete range of skincare products which incorporates Neem and Honey face wash, Gel face wash, and much more.

Injection/Eye Drop

We are engaged in supplying and manufacturing a superior range of injections and lubricating eye drops which is formulated in our advanced manufacturing labs and under the guidance of our extremely experienced and deft medical practitioners.


Sometimes, dry syrups won't work and this is the time when the liquid syrups come into play. We manufacture a top-quality range of pharma syrups which is available in a myriad of flavours and colors.


Sometimes, when oral medicines don’t work, just flip onto external applications such as ointment or skincare creams and lotions. The offered array of ointment is prepared by using 100% safe and genuine quality raw ingredients in order to deliver our customers the best products that we can.


Pharmaceutical powder can be applied externally or be taken internally, based on the type and degree of ailment that one has. Our manufactured medicinal powder is manufactured by grinding medicinal drugs and chemicals which are highly efficient in making you healthy and fit, outside and inside.


We always define our success in human terms and thus are proud of our accomplishment to provide the society with 100 % natural and safe pharma products. There are umpteen pharma soaps available in our manufacturing unit which are used to treat psoriasis and other problematic skin conditions.


One of the most common reasons that come across when it comes to treating ailments more quickly and efficiently. Our offered range of high-quality tablets is elegant in appearance and convenient to use.


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